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17 x 11 inch giclée print signed by Shawn Artis. Get yours today and use discount code ARTIS1 at checkout for Free Shipping on all prints!

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Most of us who understand beauty in it’s truest sense know that it is inclusive of all shades of people. However, in many cultures and countries around the world, skin color plays a huge role in the concept of beauty. The reality is, most of the time in the Black community, the internalized racism is so intense that light-skinned Blacks are viewed differently than dark-skinned Blacks. The effects of the African American self-hate toward each other because of one’s skin color is an eye opening sad occurrence.

Frequent sightings of dark skinned people portrayed negatively in the media is heavily exploited, while light skinned and non-black individuals are portrayed more positively.These types of prejudgements negatively impact the African American community and prevents the culture from moving forward.

In an interview with Essence Magazine, actress Viola Davis discusses how, as a child, she too felt the pain of being called an assortment of derogatory terms and shares how after a while, she began to believe that she in fact, was ugly.



The African American community must join together to show that they are more than just a skin, they are people. Although this may be a rather taboo subject, it needs to be brought to the forefront so it can finally be put to rest.


Purp is my tribute to all women of color. Purple has long been the color of royalty, signifying nobility, and symbolizing sacred wisdom and enlightenment.